TALI Health | CTO

Client: TALI Health
Role: CTO

After joining TALi Health in 2018 I was responsible for building a team to deliver and commercialise two scientifically validated products that assess and train cognitive attention in children.

During this time I introduced Agile methodologies to the organisation, having led all the work streams as a product owner and CTO. Built out a Unity, backend and frontend development capability, and brought all development in-house from external third parties. I introduced a host of development processes to improve quality and streamline development.

In October of 2019 in collaboration with Monash University through a Cooperative Research Centres Projects Grant we commercialised TALi DETECT, a cognitive attention assessment tool. We scientifically validated the product through a clinical trial and developed a cohesive journey for healthcare providers, parents and educators.

Thousands of children across the globe have used these products.

TALI Health