Fearless | CHE Proximity

Client: CHE Proximity
Agency: CHE Proximity
Role: Creative Technology Lead

Fearless was a personal security iOS app. My role on this project was lead mobile developer.

Built natively, the app needed to track location and record live audio. I built a bespoke library to manage and send the location and audio packets in real time. In order to handle connectivity issues the data was stored locally on the device until such time it could reconnect. I implemented the watch communication for both versions, 1 & 2.

The API has been built using a combination of the Lumen framework, Hack (Switching to Hack and HHVM gave the API a 70% performance boost) and Redis. Along with the AWS SDK and a custom SMS API. The front-end mapping software was built using the Google maps API and AngularJS.

Fearless in Runners World
Fearless in the Webbys
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